Monday, December 29, 2014

Oil & Gas: Brazilian ANP approves revision of the Marlim Leste Development Plan, Petrobras

The Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) approved the revision of the Marlim Leste field Development Plan, situated in one of the major producing areas of the Campos Basin, and operated by Petrobras.

The approval of the new plan, published on Friday on the agency website, provides technical assistance to enhance production, such as drilling at least eight wells, among producers and injectors, installation of new equipment and evaluations of possible geological potential.

Marlim Leste was discovered in 1987 in the northern coast of Rio de Janeiro state, about 120 kilometers off the coast. It is among the most important producing areas of the country and was responsible, in October, for almost 6% of the production of 739,500 barrels of oil and the Brazilian pre-salt gas.

The plan also determines the maintenance of floating platform FPSO (production, storage and oil transfer) Niterói city in the country, or other unit in lieu thereof, to the end of the contract period.
According to the plan, "(there) remains a clear need for at least two production platforms in the field."


Concerned about the drop in production in several important areas of the Campos Basin, the ANP previously determined additional contributions of state oil company, which is presenting the review of several areas development plans.


Other important fields of the Campos Basin as Albacora, Marlim, Marlim Sul and Roncador were also revisions of approved development plans recently.
While seeking to ensure that Petrobras avoid the decline in production in important areas, the ANP does not determine the volume of investment needed for this.
Petrobras does not immediately answered requests for information, such as what are the investments and the practical results from the new development plan.

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