Monday, December 29, 2014

Mexico to develop technology to produce light crude

The Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP) developed a technology that can produce light crude from heavy crude with low costs both investment and operation and attractive returns.

In a statement, said that the process called hydro-IMP has significant economic and operational advantages over conventional technologies and is the best choice for the best use of heavy crudes.

According to the IMP, this procedure hydrogen uptake is based crude oil, which improves its physical properties to facilitate refining and increase its value.

In this regard, he noted that in Mexico heavy crudes are approximately 54 percent of total production, so that the technology meets the need of solving the problems of transport and processing hydrocarbons such.

"The implementation of HYDRO-IMP represents economic benefits of over 30 percent compared with conventional processes," he said.

The process and catalyst of this development are patented in Mexico, United States, Singapore, Russia and Australia, and patent pending in other countries.

The institute said the product has been thoroughly evaluated in pilot plants, as well as through one semindustrial test various heavy crude at a plant in New Jersey, United States.

He explained that crude properties were improved constant and slightly higher than expected, while the conversion and formation of sediments also remained controlled and under the expected parameters, demonstrating the technical feasibility of this process.

"The control of these parameters allows to avoid problems of excessive increase in pressure drop, which is one of the challenges in such systems, which are achieved by incorporating folded special elements in the reactor."

He said that among its main applications include the conversion of heavy and extra heavy crude into intermediate crude higher value on the market, either to increase quality or to transport and pretreatment of heavy and extra heavy crude before being fed to the refinery.

Source: Mercamerica (Spain)

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